Top-Load Washers

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Top-Load Washers

Take care of stains and dirt with a new top-load washer from ProServices Supply

Sit back and relax on your weekend and let your top-load washing machine take care of the laundry. These appliances offer easy loading & unloading and are some of the most affordable models on the market.

When it comes to laundry day, ProServices Supply has the washers you need to clean clothes and other household items easily and efficiently. If you're looking for the best top-loading washing machine for your facility, check out ProServices Supply's selection, featuring the brands you can trust . Whether you prefer to shop by size, capacity, or brands, you will find an array of machines with features to suit your needs.

Choosing a Top-Load Washer

Today's laundry appliances range from time-tested workhorses to energy-saving machines, offering the latest technology and convenience. With so many options available in the market, you'll be able to find the right mix of performance and features for your facility.

Shopping to fit your laundry space.

While buying a new top-load washer, many factors will come into play — including choosing models that will ultimately fit where they need to go. Whether you've a dedicated laundry room, a closet, or an open basement space, some laundry configurations may suit your arrangement better than others.

Top Load Washers With & Without Agitators

An agitator is a spindle in the middle of the machine that helps spin the laundry and replicates a vigorous hand-washing action. If your family creates heavily soiled clothing from work or sports, a top load washer with an agitator is the most efficient way to clean your laundry. Newly designed top load washers without agitators are great when capacity is a priority. The elimination of the agitator frees up space inside the washing machine so large items such as quilts or blankets can fit more easily.

Measure twice, deliver once.

Carefully measure the designated space for washing and take any trims such as baseboards and door frames into account. Also, don't forget to leave some free space around for your new appliance. Leave 1"–3" on each side to ensure unrestricted air circulation. Similarly, leave 4"–6" at the back to accommodate vents, hookups, and cords. For top-load washers, allow at least 20" for door clearance.

We'll Find the Perfect Top Load Washer For You

We hope this information was helpful. Don't forget to measure the space in your laundry or utility room. If you still have questions on which washer is right for you, feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our appliance specialists at (877) 776-8228. They are happy to provide you with one-on-one help to get you the machine you need at a great price.