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  1. FAQs About Geothermal Heating

    FAQs About Geothermal Heating

    As the name suggests, geothermal heating is the use of energy from the Earth to produce heat which can be used for a variety of other purposes. When you set out to install a new HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, a list of factors determine whether or not you’re making the most effective and cost efficient decision for your household. This article focuses on the most commonly asked questions when it comes to setting up geothermal heating systems and how beneficial they really can be for you.

    Q1) What are geothermal systems and how do they work?

    Geothermal heating systems have been used for the last 70 years in various applications such as heating water and electricity generation. However, the advancement of technology has allowed us to develop Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHPs) to heat and cool our buildings. These pumps utilize the temperature of the ground as an a

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  2. Things To Consider Before Replacing Your HVAC Units

    Things To Consider Before Replacing Your HVAC Units

    All good things come to an end and your HVAC system is no exception. Decreased performance, lost efficiency, and weird noises may have already brought you to Google for queries like when to replace your HVAC system, best HVAC systems in US, new HVAC systems, or other popular chants in the category.


    Replacing HVAC systems, however, requires some things to be taken into consideration. The average life of a heating and cooling system is somewhere between 10 and 15 years. As it begins to wear & tear, the cost of repairing HVAC systems starts going through the roof.

    Also, it’s not always about the age of the system, sometimes it is the frequency and intensity with which it has been working. Some winters and summers can be more intense than others, dictating how hard the heating and cooling system has to work.

    If t

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  3. Why Choosing The Right PTAC Size Is Important?

    Why Choosing The Right PTAC Size Is Important?

    If you've been looking for a new air conditioner and have decided to go with a packaged terminal air conditioner for your hotel, hospital, senior residential facility, or office building, choosing the right size of the unit is a very important decision that should consider several factors. What are these? Keep reading to learn more.

    Before we dive further, let’s discuss why choosing the right size of your next commercial grade PTAC unit is so important in the first place.

    A packaged terminal air conditioner, often abbreviated as PTAC, is a heating & cooling self-contained unit that was mainly developed to cut costs and increase energy efficiency in commercial places. These units have standardized dimensions such as 42x16 inches, 36x15 inches, and 40x15 inches but come in 4 different cooling capacities ranging from 7,000 BTUs to 24,000 BTUs. BTUs basically indicate how powerful a unit is in terms of energy the c

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  4. 10 Easy Ways To Raise Indoor Humidity

    10 Easy Ways To Raise Indoor Humidity

    From skiing to curling up by the fire and enjoying some hot coffee, the winter season is the ideal time to get cozy and enjoy. However, not everyone finds this season of cold enjoyable mainly because of the low humidity levels that come along. With this humidity imbalance comes a number of problems that can affect one's health, home, and comfort.

    Ideally, the indoor humidity level during winter should be around 45 percent, suggests the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. However, in winters, humidity often drops substantially, to 15% or less. Such a low level of humidity can damage your skin, eyes, and even respiratory tract.

    We’ve taken the time to discuss the matter with professional HVAC technicians and jot down 10 easy tips for increasing the humidity within your home and living comfortably! Let’s get started.

    1) Keep Indoor Plants

    Houseplants are not only an excellent way to

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  5. Improve Indoor Air Quality For Better Health and Wellbeing

    Improve Indoor Air Quality For Better Health and Wellbeing

    Indoor air pollution is often neglected the most, but the truth is, it is just as bad - or even worse - than it is outdoors. With the average American spending 87% of their life indoors, it is imperative for a facility manager and business owner to keep the indoor air quality in check!

    In this blog, we will discuss some measures for preventative maintenance and immediate steps that you can take to improve your indoor air quality today.

    Here are some easy things that you can do to improve the air quality inside your facility:

    Change Air Filters Of Your AC.

    Air-conditioning systems are constantly working all year round to give your facility that perfect temperature. Over time, your units' air filters fill up with common air pollutants while filtering out the indoor air. This clogging not only takes a toll on your indoor air quality but also wears down your AC system, leading to expensive repairs down the road. Therefore, you should always timely change your

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  6. 4 Types of Mini-splits You Can Buy in 2021

    4 Types of Mini-splits You Can Buy in 2021

    Ductless air conditioners are probably one of the most efficient ways of cooling or heating rooms in your home or a particular space in a building. Be it wall-mounted ductless mini splits, floor-mounted, or ceiling cassettes, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors.

    Not only are they easy to install but also advantageous in terms of temperature control, maintenance, & cost savings, in comparison with ducted systems. Pair them up with smart climate control integrations and they start to sound even more appealing.

    According to Statista, the global HVAC market is expected to rake in a staggering $367.5

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