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  1. How To Choose The Best Microwave For Your Rental Space

    How To Choose The Best Microwave For Your Rental Space

    Over the years, the trend of living in larger houses is fading away, and Americans are now renting out smaller homes and apartment complexes. With the increasing incline of tenants towards vertical living, landlords and rental property owners are now willing to provide more amenities than ever before.

    Among other things, microwave ovens are the absolute must-haves that tenants look for in the unit. A key reason for this is the convenience that they offer. Some apartments offer over-the-counter microwaves, while others have above-the-range mounted microwaves. However, since the microwave industry is extensively saturated, figuring out the best unit is challenging. Many landlords and rental property owners reach out to us to discuss how to choose the best Microwave for their rental space. To cater to this issue, here is a complete guide to help you make the right investment. Let's dive in!

    1 - Get the Right

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  2. How to Choose Your New Gas Range

    How to Choose Your New Gas Range

    Adding new appliances in your rental property, such as a dishwasher or washer and dryer, can certainly add value. Likewise, updating your current appliances to higher-end models can ensure improved living experience for your tenants and allow you to charge more rent. Speaking of appliances, gas ranges are easily one of the most frequently used and most important appliances for a rental property.

    If you are a rental property owner or manager looking for a gas range that will last without needing major repairs over the years and provide safe and efficient heating performance for your tenants, here is a complete guide.

    Although there are many gas range models available in the market, all with different features and different price points, in this blog, we

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  3. What Makes Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher A Great Choice

    What Makes Frigidaire Built-in Dishwasher A Great Choice

    A reliable, high-quality dishwasher is one of the most important investments you can make for your rental space. An effective dishwasher not only saves time but also helps to conserve water and reduce energy bills. But over the past few years, the Dishwashers' industry has become extensively saturated, and figuring out the best company and the model that serves your needs can be a daunting task. If you've been looking for the best dishwasher for your rental space, you must likely have discovered a wide variety of brands to pick from. Among all the brands available in the market today, we believe that Frigidaire offers some of the finest dishwashers that are not only reliable but efficient. Stocked with sleek finishes, their units come with powerful water pressures, making them good value for money. Frigidaire is one of the prominent American consumer and commercial home

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  4. Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Split - Should you buy it?

    Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Split - Should you buy it?

    A ductless mini-split system includes one indoor and one outdoor unit connected through electrical wiring and refrigerant tubing. These units do not require any ductwork and simply deliver heated or cooled air directly into the living space through a wall-mounted indoor unit. This type of system is called a single-zone system, which is specifically designed for one specific area. Whereas you can also create a multi-zone system by using up to five indoor units with a single outdoor unit to provide comfort for an entire facility.

    While several Ductless Mini Split brands are available in the market, most facility owners choose Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Splits for their facility. In this blog, we will deconstruct the reason for this choice and review one of their best-selling models - Perfect Aire 18,000 BTU (2PAMSH18-MZW).

    Why Businesses Choose Perfect Aire Ductless Mini Splits

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  5. Whether To Repair Your Refrigerator Or Buy A New One

    Whether To Repair Your Refrigerator Or Buy A New One

    A good refrigerator can last for years, but like any other appliance, all refrigerators begin to break down or become burdensome at some point. A refrigerator that’s leaking, hissing, sweating, or repeatedly cycling on and off can be a major problem for your tenants. After all, a broken refrigerator can easily result in spoiled food and hundreds of dollars out the window.

    There can be several reasons why your refrigerator isn’t working properly, but the decision of whether to repair your old unit or buy a new refrigerator rests on multiple factors, such as;

    The amount of damage

    If the unit has developed some common issues like faulty wiring, cooling problem, defrost problem, sparking from socket, broken drain plate, door closing problem, or drain blockage, a quick refrigerator repair service would be enough.

    Age of the unit

    Good refrigerators last somewhere between 10 to 20 years. Normally, the older a unit is, the more it costs to repair it.

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