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  1. Washing Machine Buying Guide - Front Load Vs. Top Load

    Washing Machine Buying Guide - Front Load Vs. Top Load

    Having a washing machine is a hugely convenient and time-saving amenity for tenants. However, residents need a laundry system they can rely on that offers a bit of convenience and delivers a clean laundry result. With the many washing machines on the market, it helps to have a wider perspective from the professionals. We always suggest that if you manage a multifamily property and need to decide on washing machines for your facility, choose dependability, efficiency, and innovation from reputable manufacturers.

    The question now is what type of machine would be best and should go invested in. Front Load or Top load? Both types of appliances are widely available, and their specifications don't seem to differ much. This is why to help answer this question, we've compiled a guide that will deconstruct important differences

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  2. How To Ensure Clean Air In Nursing Homes And Why It is Important

    How To Ensure Clean Air In Nursing Homes And Why It is Important

    Air quality is a major concern not just in America but across the globe, and it's a well established fact that clean air is important for a healthy and happy lifestyle. For those who manage a senior-care facility or a nursing home, maintaining air quality for the elderly people in their facility with the rising environmental pollution must be a great concern. In this article, we will deconstruct why it can not be overlooked and, as a facility manager, what you can do to ensure the healthy air quality in your nursing home.

    Respiratory Health and Seniors

    Regardless of age, lung health is a concern for everyone. But did you know that the respiratory systems of elderly individuals are comparatively more vulnerable to the potential risks posed by poor air quality? In fact, according to a report by Everyday Health, respiratory issues are the third-largest cause of death among

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  3. How AC Condenser Pads Can Help Your Heating and Cooling Systems

    How AC Condenser Pads Can Help Your Heating and Cooling Systems

    Out of all the HVAC parts and components, the last thing on your mind is probably the Condenser Pad. They are often secondary considerations because most people do not know what they are. However, they serve an important role in protecting the outdoor AC unit and keeping it running efficiently. This is why everyone who has a freestanding air conditioner, an HVAC condenser pad is a must-have.

    If you are unfamiliar with condenser pads and what role they play in your HVAC system, this article is for you. Read on to learn, and why you need them.

    What Are AC Condenser Pads, And Why Are They Important?

    Air conditioners' produce a lot of noise & vibration, and if set on soil, they can sink into the ground and damage the components of the system. This is why they need to be mounted on a solid foundation that is even & flat. This is where Condenser pads come into play. They are pieces of material, usually made of concrete or rubber, which sit underneath the condenser unit

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  4. Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth Your Money

    Are Portable Air Conditioners Worth Your Money

    Portable air conditioners have become popular during the past few years, but are they worth it? Despite all the hype, many people have doubts about these systems and are unsure if they should invest in these units. Therefore, we decided to address this to clear all your doubts so you can make an informed decision.

    The truth is that portable air conditioners have numerous benefits but do not come without a few drawbacks. So let's look into all the pros and cons to help you figure out if the AC is worth it.

    1 - Portability and Ease of Installation

    Unlike any other type of air conditioner, these units are designed with the portability factor in mind. As a result, you can quickly handle and move them between rooms without seeking help from an HVAC professional. They're also easy to install and hardly require you to make any changes to set them up inside a space. This saves you the hassle of doing lengthy structural installations.

    2 - Not Much

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