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  1. PTAC vs Mini-Split: Best Unit For A Nursing Home

    PTAC vs Mini-Split: Best Unit For A Nursing Home

    Nursing homes and long-term care centers require cooling and heating solutions to keep the patients and residents comfortable. If you start looking for feasible air conditioner options, you will come across several options. Two widely used options you may stumble upon are: PTAC and Mini Split.

    What are these? What are their differences, and which is the best option for a Nursing home? This article has all the answers you need.

    Factors You Must Consider While Choosing An Air Conditioner

    While searching for a good air conditioner, administrators and facility managers should consider many factors such as convenience, ease of use, unit consumption, performance, as well as budget. Knowing your options will give you the most advantage of your money and comfort to your patients and employees alike.

    That said, it is essential to understand some key features and differences between PTAC and Mini Split to ensure you make the right choice for your Nursing home. In

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  2. How To Choose The Best HVAC Air Filters: Top 5 Tips

    How To Choose The Best HVAC Air Filters: Top 5 Tips

    How do you keep your facility clean, ensure proper indoor air quality, and your HVAC system running smoothly? The answer is simple: HVAC Air filters! Like all major appliances, your HVAC system should be well maintained to ensure its maximum efficiency, and the HVAC air filters play a significant role. They remove impurities such as dust, pet dander, or even bacteria from the air flowing through the system, which not only improves the air quality within your facility but also protects your HVAC system from damage.

    Here's a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about HVAC filters.

    Different types of HVAC Air Filters

    HVAC Air filters come in different shapes and materials and have different capabilities and prices.

    Flat-panel: These filters have fibers

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