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  1. Emergency LED Area Light: Why You Should Have One In Your Facility

    Emergency LED Area Light: Why You Should Have One In Your Facility

    Emergency lights are an essential part of a commercial facility’s safety kit. These are used to provide illumination when other lights fail due to a utility outage or power supply failure within the building. If the primary power supply is interrupted, commercial facilities need backup lights to keep the area well-lit. Fortunately, emergency LED area lights are the best option that has maximum cost-cutting and life-saving benefits for residents, facility owners, and maintenance professionals.

    Why Emergency LED Area Light Is Important For a Facility

    There is a whole range of reasons emergency lighting is important for a commercial facility. Apart from keeping the area well-lit, they show people a way out and help them avoid potential dangerous hindrances such as furniture and equipment that can come in the way during the evacuation. In commercial facilities such as nursing homes, schools, or industrial areas, people can b

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  2. How To Choose The Perfect Flashlight

    How To Choose The Perfect Flashlight

    Are you looking for a new flashlight but not sure what to look for to decide which one to choose? If so, in this blog, we will deconstruct everything you need to know about a flashlight to help you make an informed decision!

    To start with, you need to consider the flashlight's type, features, lumen count and cost. Another major factor that would shape your decision would be the reason for getting a flashlight in the first place.

    This would help you decide which features hold more importance than others. These features may include light output, battery type, modes, and more.

    Choose the Right Flashlight Category

    Commonly, flashlights come in three categories: general-purpose, industrial, and tactical. Before you begin your search for the right flashlight, you need to determine which flashlight category is right for you.

    General-purpose flashlights

    These are handheld, lightweight, and fairly

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  3. Portable AC vs Window AC: Which Is Better?

    Portable AC vs Window AC: Which Is Better?

    Deciding which air conditioning unit to invest in for a residential space might not sound like a problem to some. However, when it comes to choosing between either a portable air conditioner or a window AC unit for a facility like a Multifamily or a nursing home, it is a different game altogether.

    Most facilities have central air conditioners, but if this isn't the case with your facility, you might be considering relying on a different type of air conditioner to keep indoor comfortable.

    Portable air conditioners and Window air conditioners are two of the most popular options in the market today. Both of the appliances have their own selling points. The best way to compare two similar appliances is to consider each aspect of owning them. In this blog, we will deconstruct the key differences to help you decide

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  4. Top 4 Frigidaire Electric Ranges Reviewed

    Top 4 Frigidaire Electric Ranges Reviewed

    With so many Frigidaire electric ranges on the market, choosing the right electric stove for your kitchen can get tricky. There are hundreds of models with a price range between $500 to $1500. Choosing the best Frigidaire electric range isn’t always about the best deal. Finding the perfect electric range considering the needs of your facility, the size of your kitchen, as well as cooking needs is where comes the real challenge.

    To help you make the right choice, we have rounded up a selection of the top 4 Frigidaire electric ranges fit for both commercial and residential needs.

    1. Frigidaire 30 in. Stainless Steel Electric Range With Smooth Cooktop And 5.3 Cu. ft. Self Clean Oven

    This Frigidaire range is one of the best electronic range options f

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