HVAC appliances such as air handlers are an essential part of our lives. Be it a commercial, residential or industrial place, we can’t imagine a comfortable life without an air handler. It controls the inside climate by pushing warm or cool air through ductwork. So, if you're planning to install or upgrade an existing air handler, make sure you take the right decision by choosing a reliable and trustworthy brand. Investing in Goodman 3 ton air handler will stay with you for years with 100% efficiency.

What is An Air Handler?

An air handler, also known as the blower, is an inside unit that consists of evaporator coils, a ventilation system (including an air filter), and a blower. It is an important component of an HVAC system that works alongside an air conditioner or a heat pump, depending on the season. It regulates the temperature of the air before moving it through the ducts into your ventilation system.

How Does An Air Handler Work?

An air handler is linked with ductwork that transfers conditioned air into the surrounding area, then gives it back to the air handler. When the air passes through the handler, it filters dirt and debris and then transfers the conditioned air throughout the ducts into your facility. Providing high-quality air is the primary function of an air handler and is a crucial element of your HVAC cooling and heating system.

Why Should You Invest in Goodman Products?

Goodman has been around for a long time. They have earned a reputation by manufacturing HVAC appliances that are efficient, reliable, and most importantly, economical. This brand has global support and resources to ensure high-quality manufacturing processes, advanced technology, and agile testing methodologies in all products. Be it commercial, residential, or industrial place, Goodman has been manufacturing products that fulfill the needs of all types of customers.

Though there are many new appliance brands making bells and whistles, Goodman appliances are durable, backed by a warranty, and an excellent option for budget-conscious customers.

Types of Air Handlers

There are two types of air handler units: Wall-mounted air handler and Ceiling-mounted air handler. Wall-mounted air handlers are easier to install and maintain as compared to ceiling-mounted units which are time-consuming and expensive to install. However, ceiling-mounted air handlers are a solid option for facilities with limited space. While wall-mounted units take up wall space that could otherwise be used for another purpose. You can choose any type of unit based on the construction style of the facility or your needs.

Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler - A Wall-Mounter Air Handler

If you’re looking to invest in an air handler that is reliable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient, Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler is the best option to go with. It plays a crucial role in reducing humidity and maintaining the overall indoor climate. It comes packed inside a rust-resistant, insulated steel cabinet that keeps inside systems protected.

Features of Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler:

  • Dimensions: 21’ D, 53.5’ H, 21’ W
  • Small chassis (1.5 and 2.0-ton units)
  • Multi-Speed Motor
  • Thermoplastic drain pan
  • Horizontal or vertical configuration capabilities

Below, we have shared more reasons why you should invest in the Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler.

3 Reasons To Invest In Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler

1. Manufacturing Quality

Quality is indeed an integral part of Goodman's brand vision. When it comes to strength and durability, Goodman 3 ton air handler tops the list. It is the top choice of most customers due to its highly durable materials and spot-on manufacturing. Moreover, it is backed by the best warranties you’ll ever find. Thus, if you buy a Goodman 3-ton air conditioner, know that it is going to stay with you for at least a decade without losing efficiency.

Another good thing about the Goodman 3 ton air handlers is that they come with advanced features and technologies. These include variable speed-inverter compressors, advanced coil designs, communicating technology, and self-diagnostic systems which make installation and maintenance easier for the HVAC contractors.

Moreover, they come housed in an insulated steel cabinet that keeps them safe from rusting. You can easily clean the insulated steel surface and it will look like new even after years of use.

2. Advanced Technology

Brands that do not evolve themselves with time become obsolete eventually. Even though many new brands have emerged over the years, Goodman leverages the latest technologies in all its products. It stays updated with the latest HVAC technologies and ensures that its products meet today’s customers’ demands.

Goodman 3 ton air handler comes with the latest features including an aluminum evaporator coil, multi-speed PSC blower motor, bi-flow liquid line filter drier, quiet condenser fan motor, etc. Bi-flow liquid line filter drier helps to dry the moisture present in the refrigerant system, ultimately providing a longer service life than other models.

Traditional air handlers provide only two speeds, either top speed or nothing at all. On the other hand, Goodman 3 ton air handlers provide a multi-speed motor. It enables you to adjust speed and provide a quiet and peaceful airflow across the condensing coil. Moreover, it also provides high efficiency, eventually saving you a lot of energy and money in the long run.

3. Cost-effective

No doubt budget plays a deciding role when it comes to choosing an appliance. Goodman 3 ton air handler is considered one of the most affordable products in the market. You can buy Goodman 3 ton air handler at the best rates from Proservices Supply. Proservices Supply provides high-quality HVAC Goodman air handlers along with installation and maintenance services at market competitive rates.

Moreover, Goodman designs units with proven efficient technology that use less electricity. So, it wouldn't take a huge toll on your utility bills.

Where to Buy the Best Goodman 3 Ton Air Handler?

If you’re looking for a reliable Goodman dealer to buy the best Goodman 3 ton air handler, Proservices Supply is your go-to place. We not only provide the best air handler units but also installation and maintenance services. Check out our online store of the best Goodman air handlers. Got a question? Call or email us today and experts will provide you with a free consultation.

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