Ductless air conditioners are probably one of the most efficient ways of cooling or heating rooms in your home or a particular space in a building. Be it wall-mounted ductless mini splits, floor-mounted, or ceiling cassettes, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors.

Not only are they easy to install but also advantageous in terms of temperature control, maintenance, & cost savings, in comparison with ducted systems. Pair them up with smart climate control integrations and they start to sound even more appealing.

According to Statista, the global HVAC market is expected to rake in a staggering $367.5 billion by 2030 and the volume may surpass 151.1 million units in the next three years. These promising figures are the result of increasing popularity among domestic users and an increase in construction sector demands as well.

The type of ductless AC you need will depend on your home or business’s requirements. There are plenty of HVAC brands available such as Amana, Daikin, Goodman, Perfect Aire, etc. However, if you are thinking of buying one for your home or business, choosing the best option could be tricky.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of some of the best ductless air conditioners. In this blog, we will talk about some of the best options available in the market at the moment. Each type in the list has some unique features that have been explained. So let’s dive into it.

4 Best Ductless Air Conditioners

Before we kick things off, let’s get ourselves acquainted with a few technical terms that will help you decide which system is best for you.

BTU: It’s an abbreviation for British Thermal Units and we use this metric to determine the cooling power. The higher this value, the larger the area can be cooled with a particular mini-split.

SEER: This is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Higher SEER values mean higher energy efficiency. With that cleared, let’s jump to the top 4 best ducted and ductless ACs.

1. Ceiling Cassette

Ceiling-mounted mini-split comes in a ductless ceiling cassette design. It is installed out of sight and does not occupy any livable space either. This AC and heat pump unit can be operated via a wall-mounted wire controller or wireless infrared remote.

Ceiling-mounted ductless ACs are one the best options for your home or office. Some models also feature eco-friendly G10 inverter technology to reduce outdoor unit noise while maintaining the desired room temperature. A good ceiling cassette has a SEER value of 16 and above and 24,000 BTUs.

2. Wall-Mounted Mini-splits

Wall-mounted ductless mini-splits are generally quite popular among domestic users and business owners due to their efficiency & reliability. These systems are also quite affordable.

With a SEER rating of 15+, this ductless mini-split system is ideal for spaces with higher than usual ceilings. Some models also have an advanced inverter design that offers a more substantial climate control system and a silent indoor handler for noise reduction.

All in all, wall-mounted ductless mini-splits are ideal for most spaces, including small restaurants, and offices too.

3. Floor-mounted Mini-split

This type of ductless mini-split is installed on a wall and just above the floor. Thanks to its close proximity, people in the room can reap the desired benefits quicker than wall or ceiling-mounted mini-splits.

It is ideal for spaces with lower than normal ceilings or where there are large windows occupying the walls. Moreover, its sleek design does not occupy a lot of space and adds to the aesthetics of the room. They are available in 9, 12, & 15,000 BTUs and are quite energy efficient.

4. Concealed Mini-split

This particular type of ductless air conditioner aids in managing the climate of more than one room via a network of air ducts. It is perfect for spaces with multiple zones such as a hotel suite, where the zones could be the bathroom, dressing, room, and living area. So a single unit will take care of all the zones of a particular space.

If you are searching for a HVAC system that is an amalgamation of versatility and effortless performance, one of these mini-splits is your best bet. Their high BTU and SEER ratings help you manage big spaces and different zones in one area too.

They offer smart energy savings - thanks to their DC inverter technology, that enables high efficiency and performance. Moreover, they come with the warranty, so you know that a particular brand has got you covered, in case the system falls short of the promised performance.

Not sure which HVAC system serves your individual needs? Give us a call at (877) 776 - 8228 to speak to one of the experts for a free consultation session and let us help you choose the optimal unit based on your requirements.

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