A PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner) is a ductless, self-contained, commercial-grade air conditioning unit. It is installed directly through a wall to cool and heat small to medium-sized spaces. You might have seen one of these under the window of your hotel room or in the motel you stopped by at. But did you ever notice why PTACs are so commonly used in commercial facilities? Well, the answer is pretty simple - they are very cost & energy efficient and easy to maintain. This is why most hotels, motels, hospitals, senior residential facilities, multi-family properties, and apartments have these units installed.

While several PTAC brands are available in the market, most businesses choose Amana PTACs for their facility. In this blog, we will deconstruct the reason for this choice and review one of their best-selling models - Amana PTAC 12000 BTU (PTH123G35A).

Why Businesses Choose Amana PTACs

Despite all the saturation in the HVAC industry, over the past few years, Amana PTACs have provided an unparalleled experience along with the best warranties and support for the businesses, without question. America's most iconic brand, Amana Corporation, believes in making simple, hassle-free, reliable, and affordable appliances. With the company's commitment to excellence, it has successfully managed to enjoy the largest market share by far for all high-efficiency systems, 16 SEER and greater.

Other reasons why business owners trust Amana products?

  • Commitment to Quality
  • Massive Product Line
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Outstanding Warranty Coverage

Review: Amana PTAC 12000 BTU (PTH123G35A)

Here is a detailed review for Amana 12,000 BTU PTAC unit. Read to learn why we believe ,based on our in-depth review, this Amana PTAC unit is one of the best units for the money.

Product Features:

  • 7.62 in. unit front depth: one of the shallowest silhouettes in the industry today
  • Voltage: 208/230
  • 11.1 EER rating
  • Cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU
  • Heat Pump Heat capacity of 11,500 BTU
  • 3.5 kW 12,000 BTU's electric heater
  • 20 amp power cord
  • Dehumidification (Pints/Hr): 3.6
  • Fan Modes: Constant/Cycle (Hi/Med/Auto)
  • Fan Modes: Constant/Cycle (Hi/Med/Auto)
  • Auto Restart: YES
  • Digital Controls: YES
  • Temperature Limiting: YES
  • Freeze Protection: YES
  • Filter dryer for sealed system refrigerant
  • 7-Button touchpad provides complete control to guests for in-room comfort while maintaining energy efficiency
  • Condensate dispersion system removes condensate from the indoor cooling operation and evaporates it into the atmosphere through the condenser.
  • Eden front desk control & energy management software
  • Easy to service with on-board led diagnostics
  • Remote temperature sensing for guest climate control
  • Quiet operation: STC of 31

Looks & Size:

In most cases, PTACs are not very stylish looking. They have a simple and plain design which is why people end up covering them. However, covering a unit blocks the airflow around the equipment, and it overheats.

However, Amana PTAC 12000 BTU gracefully sits well with the aesthetics of most rooms for its simple yet elegant looks and sleek size (14x16x42). The unit comes with a 7.62 in. front depth which is one of the shallowest silhouettes in the industry today. This Amana PTAC unit adds a little sophistication to a room with its slim design.

Room Size

Amana (PTH123G35A) has an impressive cooling capacity of 12,000 (BTU/h) that can easily cool a 400-450 sq. ft. room. This PTAC unit can save you a lot of headache by performing well around the year and offering great cooling, heating, energy efficiency, and dehumidification.

Quiet Comfort

Rest assured, your Amana PTAC 12000 BTU will provide quiet comfort and operation to your guests. It has been acoustically engineered to minimize the operating sounds and increased STC value of 31. The indoor tangential fan and a two-speed indoor motor provide quiet and even air distribution for enhanced guest comfort.


A PTAC unit provides added value as it is an easy-to-install solution that saves you a lot of time and trouble. To install this unit, you will be required to use a wall sleeve, exterior grille, and a drain kit on the unit, aside from the wiring connections. Other than that, you would need other accessories such as a thermostat and a remote controller.

To install it, gauge the location, cut a precise opening in the drywall for your PTAC unit to fit, and screw the unit into a wall sleeve. Once done, secure the installation by framing the PTAC unit with substantial, secure wood studs.


Amana PTAC 12000 BTU is an excellent choice for commercial spaces such as hotel rooms, condominiums, apartment buildings, institutional facilities, hospitality business spaces, hospitals, multifamily facilities, and other large properties.


Amana is known for providing outstanding warranty coverage on all its products, and Amana PTAC 12000 BTU comes with 1-year parts and labor warranty and a 5-year functional parts warranty. Such strong warranty protection makes Amana's PTAC an ideal investment for most commercial facilities.

Find more warranty details at www.amana-hac.com.

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