Portable air conditioners have become popular during the past few years, but are they worth it? Despite all the hype, many people have doubts about these systems and are unsure if they should invest in these units. Therefore, we decided to address this to clear all your doubts so you can make an informed decision.

The truth is that portable air conditioners have numerous benefits but do not come without a few drawbacks. So let's look into all the pros and cons to help you figure out if the AC is worth it.

1 - Portability and Ease of Installation

Unlike any other type of air conditioner, these units are designed with the portability factor in mind. As a result, you can quickly handle and move them between rooms without seeking help from an HVAC professional. They're also easy to install and hardly require you to make any changes to set them up inside a space. This saves you the hassle of doing lengthy structural installations.

2 - Not Much Maintenance Is Needed

Most of these units come with a fully self-evaporative design that evaporates the accumulated water during the dehumidification process. This eliminates the hassle of draining a collection tank or routing a drain tube to a drain.

3 - Energy Efficient

Portable Air Conditioners are available in a range of capacities. For example, a 6000 BTU portable air conditioner covers roughly 100-300 sq ft and is several times more efficient than other air conditioning systems. Apart from being compact, they are perfect for smaller environments and for those looking to use their air conditioners for a certain part of the day, such as just to get a good night's sleep. In five to ten years, portable air conditioners can potentially offer hundreds of dollars in savings.

4 - Indoors, Outdoors, Or On The Go

In some cases, such as when you're sitting on your porch or touring in your RV, other air conditioning systems just don't apply. However, with a portable air conditioner, it is very possible to keep an outdoor space comfortable or even an RV without the restrictions that come with other air conditioning systems.

5 - They Are Quietest

Portable air conditioners have a lower decibel rating than other air conditioning systems, making them preferable for smaller environments. Whether you are trying to work, sleep, or are just relaxing, portable air conditioners usually produce 55 decibels. Compared to 40 decibels in a library, the lack of noise while operating makes portable air conditioners an excellent choice.

6 - No Need To Worry About Building Rules

In some instances, your building rules may prevent you from the invasive installation that comes with ductless mini splits or other larger air conditioning systems. Portable air conditioners can easily solve this problem as they are available in capacities ranging from 6000 BTU upto 12,000 BTU, offering cost efficiency and a reliable and easy way to air condition your space. Those who shift locations frequently will also benefit greatly from owning a portable air conditioning system instead of worrying about installation every time you reach a new place.

7 - Wi-Fi Control is Available

There are several Wi-Fi-enabled portable air conditioners available in the market that work with a smartphone or tablet. These units can be operated with a mobile app that allows you to control them remotely. Many famous brands offer this new technology with a lot of convenient features.

8 - Keeps The Windows Accessible

For people living in apartments with only a few windows, blocking the only natural light source with a Window AC unit could be a major turn-off. But these self-contained devices can literally be set up anywhere, allowing you to have access to your apartment's window. This flexibility factor makes them a good choice for many homeowners.

But there are several drawbacks that you should consider before you invest in a Portable Air Conditioner.

1 - Not "Easily" Portable

The unique selling point for these systems is the 'portability' factor. However, the reality is a little different. Sounds a little contradictory?

Although it is possible to move these units from one room to another yet doing so can be difficult. They come in different shapes and sizes but often weigh up to 90 lbs. Some of these units do come with wheels attached to the bottom to help move them around easily, but not all machines have this luxury.

Moreover, rooms with thick carpeting can hinder the portability factor of these units as wheels do not work well in such an environment.

2 - Not Suitable for Big Rooms

These systems are not meant for big rooms and won't provide adequate cooling. If you have a big room, you should consider other types of Air Conditioners such as a central AC system or a split AC unit.

With the given pros and cons, Portable Air Conditioners are overall a good choice; if you're looking for an easy-to-install and portable device. When choosing a portable air conditioning system for your space, it is important to select the right one based on a number of factors such as:

  • The right capacity
  • The energy ratings
  • The features it offers

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