Having onsite laundry is one of the most convenient amenities of a rental building. For landlords that own rental places, providing a suitable laundry facility is essential to attract quality tenants. If you're a landlord, equipping your apartments with a compact washer will give your tenants the ease and convenience of doing laundry without going back and forth to the laundry room. So whether you are considering or ready to make a purchase, below we have provided everything you need to know about how to choose the best compact washer for a small rental space.

Why Is Compact Washer More Suitable For Rental Places?

No matter how good it is to have commercial laundry at rental places, nothing beats the convenience of doing laundry at home with a washer installed right into your apartment. A compact washer is the best option for tenants in rental places that often don't have much space. They don't need to sacrifice too much space or spend a lot of money at the laundromats. These factors make them ideal for small rental places such as apartments, mobile houses, condominiums, etc.

The Standard Size of the Compact Washers

As the name applies, the compact washers are much smaller than other washers/dryer sets. They come in the standard size of:

  • 34 inches high
  • 24 inches wide
  • 25 inches deep

The small size and dimensions make for easy installation as well as access to many cabinet configurations.

Types of Compact Washers

Front Load Compact Washer

The drum sits horizontally in the front load washer, and the clothes need to be loaded from the front side. They use tumbling motions to create friction to cleanse the clothes. Comparatively, they use less water and have fast spinning speeds. Thus front loaders tend to have shorter drying times.

Pros of Front-Load Machine

  • High spin speeds, short dry times
  • Provides better capacity
  • Stacking saves space
  • Uses less water comparatively
  • Tumbles clothes, just like washing with hands

Top Load Compact Washer

In the top load washer, the clothes are loaded from the top. They typically reach a person's waist, so loading clothes is easier. Also, they use an agitator or impeller to cleanse the clothes.

Pros of Top Load Washer

  • Less wash time comparatively
  • Easy loading/unloading without bending
  • Provides deep water setting
  • Central agitator to spin clothes

You can choose any model based on your needs, feature requirements, and budget.

Benefits of Buying the Best Compact Washer For A Small Rental Space:

1. Ultimate Space Savers

A compact washer/dryer combination takes up half the space compared to traditional washer/dryer sets.

Most compact washers come with a standard size that you can fit under a standard counter height. This will create an extra counter space that you can use to build a cupboard or countertop.

2. Saves Energy and Water

Compact washers are more efficient and use 10x less water than commercial washers. Thus, investing in the best compact washer for a small rental space will reduce the burden on your electricity and water bills.

3. Cost-effective

When buying the best compact washer for a small rental space, you're buying only one unit. Therefore, the cost tends to be much lower than buying other washers/dryer sets. As mentioned above, they use less electricity and water, ultimately saving you a lot of money in the long run.

4. Portable

The latest compact washer models also come with wheels or casters for portability. They can be easily wheeled around in any part of the rental space. It is a great option for people who don't have a permanent place for washing machines.

Another added perk of having the best compact washer for a small rental space is that they are quieter than large washing/dryer sets. This makes it a useful option for residential places where people can do laundry without sacrificing peace.

Factors You Must Consider While Buying the Best Compact Washer For a Small Rental Space

Here are a few things that landlords and rental place owners must consider before investing in multiple compact washer sets.

1. Choose a Reliable Partner

Choosing a reliable and budget-friendly partner is critical for landlords who need multiple compact washer sets for their rental places. If you need a good brand with proven quality, it's a good idea to look into brands like ProServices Supply. They provide the best compact washer for a small rental space at competitive rates.

2. Durability

For landlords, investing in multiple compact washers means checking them off the list, so they don't have to spend money again after a few years. They must look for durability, so they don't end up with lemons that have a lot of issues. Look for a brand with a solid reputation and see if they offer warranties. Also, check for customer reviews. If their previous customers seem happy, buying from such vendors is safe.

3. Maintenance Services

While choosing a vendor to buy the best compact washer for a small rental space, make sure they also offer installation and maintenance services. It will make installation quick and easy as vendors understand their products better than anyone else.

Moreover, they will also provide maintenance services, so you don't have to hire anyone else for such tasks. Some people buy products from one vendor, hire someone else to install them and then hire maintenance services, ending up wasting a lot of money. To avoid this, partner with a brand that offers all-in-one services.

Where to Shop the Best Compact Washer For A Small Rental Space?

Washing clothes doesn't mean long trips to the laundromat. Having compact washers installed at rental places can save tenants a lot of time. Landlords can get extra money for providing this service at rental places. If you're considering investing in multiple best compact washers for a small rental place, Prosservices Supply can be your one-stop shop. We offer top-notch washer sets along with installation and maintenance services at affordable rates. Got a question? Feel free to contact our experts at (877) 776-8228. We'd love to guide you through the process and help you buy the best compact washer for a small rental space.

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