Emergency lights are an essential part of a commercial facility’s safety kit. These are used to provide illumination when other lights fail due to a utility outage or power supply failure within the building. If the primary power supply is interrupted, commercial facilities need backup lights to keep the area well-lit. Fortunately, emergency LED area lights are the best option that has maximum cost-cutting and life-saving benefits for residents, facility owners, and maintenance professionals.

Why Emergency LED Area Light Is Important For a Facility

There is a whole range of reasons emergency lighting is important for a commercial facility. Apart from keeping the area well-lit, they show people a way out and help them avoid potential dangerous hindrances such as furniture and equipment that can come in the way during the evacuation. In commercial facilities such as nursing homes, schools, or industrial areas, people can be a hazard to each other while they try to evacuate the place in a hurry.

Thus, ensuring that there’s an emergency LED area light is, therefore, one of the facility manager’s most important responsibilities.

Why LED Area Lights Are Better Than Traditional Emergency Lights

All the latest emergency lighting systems are powered by LED technology. LED area lights have numerous benefits when compared to traditional emergency lights including better energy & maintenance efficiencies as well as improved quality-light, no warm-up times, longer life span, etc. They are more efficient in their use of energy, provide more light with less heat, and therefore, are safer to use.

Moreover, LED lights do not contain Mercury - a toxic substance found in regular fluorescent bulbs - making them an eco-friendly option. So be it safety or monetary concerns, this is something you should seriously consider for both reasons alike.

Benefits of LED Emergency Lighting

1. Cost-Effective & Energy Efficient

No doubt, emergency LED area lights require an initial investment upfront but they are worth your money. Once you buy these for your facility, your investment will be quickly recouped and you will experience significant savings over time.

Compared to equivalent fluorescents, LED area lights are energy efficient, saving you 30 percent or more energy. It’s because traditional fluorescent bulbs can burn hot while LED lights have cool-burning bulbs that can be controlled via an automated mechanism for maximum energy efficiency.

LED area lights can save you money in two ways:

  1. A user can save annually as LED lights have less energy usage per lamp.
  2. An LED lamp can last up to 20 years. Thus a user doesn’t need to spend money on replacing lamps every year.

Additionally, these are usually clustered providing you optimum LED lighting performance with less energy. Hence, buying LED area lights will cost you more in the beginning but in the long run, they will save you money and provide worry-free services for your facility.

2. Efficient & Long-Lasting

An emergency light should always be on standby and be reliable at any moment of need. They must be able to last for a longer time. Fortunately, LED area lights meet all these criteria and ‘long-life’ is one of their remarkable attributes. They have a life span of more than 100,000 hours, yet they provide 70 percent of the original light output. This is why they outperform every other type of traditional emergency lighting system in the market.

Moreover, these are robust, have an incredibly low-temperature performance, and are digitally controlled. A user can run them at a low temperature which makes them incredibly energy efficient.

3. Durability

Since LED area lights are built to last in emergencies, they are durable enough to survive in the toughest conditions. They last through severe environmental conditions - from burning hot to freezing cold. While traditional lights may fail to perform in extreme temperatures and other conditions emergency LED area lights remain unaffected and resistant to shock and vibrations. Also, they come with exceptionally durable bulbs which are not affected by any swings in the temperature.

4. Maintenance

An emergency light must always be in full working order. If your emergency area light contains fluorescent lamps or bulbs, know that they have a maximum life span of 6000 - 8000 hours. This means if you illuminate them for many hours a day, a more frequent and regular lamp replacement will be required. You will need to test each bulb individually to ensure they work perfectly when you need them.

On the other hand, good quality emergency LED area lights have a significantly longer life which means you don’t have to spend time and money to replace bulbs now and then.

5. Brightness

The benefits of LED area lights outweigh in terms of brightness too. Their brightness level is way higher than any other type of emergency lighting. Thus, they provide full visibility which is critical for emergencies.

Moreover, with emergency LED lighting, the brightness and color remain the same - from the first time you use it till it expires. Unlike other lights that require warm-up every time they are switched on, their brightness reduces and they begin to flicker over time. Thus, if you need an emergency light that provides consistent brightness after years of use.

To summarize, emergency LED lights have numerous benefits from their costs to efficiency & reliability, and most importantly they are reliable in an emergency where you need them the most.

Are You Looking For The Best Emergency LED Area Lights?

Having an emergency light is critical for a facility and owners must ensure they have them in their building. If you’re looking to buy the best-LED area light for emergency purposes, look no further than Proservices Supply. We offer a wide range of emergency area lights so you can choose one that best fits your needs and budget range.

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