Hiring the right HVAC service provider for your home or business can be quite tricky. Especially if it’s your first time. There are tons of air conditioning service providers out there, offering a slew of services and discounts to lure you in. However, competitive prices do not always translate into good services. To find the right HVAC contractors in America or anywhere in the world, for that matter, you need to look beyond the price factor

You may ask: "how do I choose the best HVAC contractor?" "Should I focus on the contractor or the equipment they are using or installing?"


Most homeowners and facility maintenance managers in the US choose an HVAC contractor through referrals, word of mouth, or even online reviews. So it is vital to focus on the right contractor because the equipment alone is not enough - you need to take into consideration the after sales services and some other factors as well.

When looking for the best HVAC companies, what you’re really buying are the contractors and their services. A reliable contractor will more often than not, use the best equipment as well.

He/she will use equipment that has worked well in the past, that comes with the best warranties and technical support, and readily available parts too. It’s like your trusted car mechanic, when he/she is fixing the car you don’t worry about the alternator or other parts they’re using. You just know they’ll do their best to get your vehicle working.

So again, equipment is just part of the story, any HVAC service provider can get access to that. What you require is a good contractor who’d know how to use that equipment. It’s got to be sized, installed, and maintained properly too. Only an experienced and certified HVAC contractor will be well acquainted with all of these important aspects. Therefore, you need to hire a HVAC contractor that provides the best services. To make finding the right people easier, we have compiled a list of tips to help you. Keep reading to find out.

How to choose the Best HVAC Contractor?

1. Don’t Finalize things Over a call

When looking to hire a HVAC contractor to install a new system or replace it, make sure not to seal the deal over the phone. You need a representative to visit and perform an on-site inspection. For instance, they should come with proper measurement tools and give a quotation within a proper amount of time.

2. Look for HVAC Contractors with a Convincing background

It’s one thing to set up a single ductless AC in a room but installing several units in a multi-story building is a separate story. If you need an HVAC system for your business, let’s say a hotel or a healthcare facility, look for a contractor who has relevant experience.

Hiring a team that does not have relevant experience can prove devastating for your facility.

3. They should be licensed

Once you have decided on a particular air conditioning service provider, it is important to check if they are licensed to operate and insured. You can simply ask them for their license and cross-check it with the local authorities.

This step is crucial to protect yourself against any mishap that might occur a few months or years down the line. Hopefully, it won’t come down to that but again, it is preferable to know that the HVAC company is covered.

4. Check Certifications

Ensure that the technicians are certified by the relevant authorities such as the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for handling air conditioning, refrigerants, etc. Know that anyone who deals with refrigerants professionally has to follow certain rules & regulations set by the relevant authorities. Only choose a company that has certified technicians.

5. They should be Experienced

Another way to check their credibility is to make sure they have been in the HVAC industry for a considerable period. Even if they are working locally, it is important that they are experienced and the community approves of them.

It is crucial because you don’t want to end up working with seasonal contractors, who pack their bags now and then and set up business at a different location. Leaving you looking for them when it comes to, let’s say; claiming the warranty.

6. Get all of your Warranty documents

It is also very important that the chosen HVAC contractor submits the complete warranty information regarding the equipment you are purchasing. While every company will offer a warranty to stay in the business, make sure they fill out the documentation and submit it.

7. They should promote the idea of regular maintenance

When you buy ductless mini-splits, or any other HVAC equipment, it is like getting a new car. You don’t just buy a car, use it, and never take it for an oil change or inspection. Similarly, to keep your system up and running at its optimum performance, your HVAC contractor must encourage and follow regular inspection visits.

8. Choose a One-Stop-Shop

When buying ductless mini-splits online or finding HVAC contractors, always try and look for a one-stop shop. With a service like this, you would not only get the desired HVAC products but also find everything related to it.

For instance; you’ll find the best technicians to inspect your property, install the heating and cooling system, maintain it, and also provide you with any parts if required in the future. The biggest benefit here is that you will have one vendor for all your HVAC needs and you don’t have to look for a particular service somewhere else. A one-stop shop caters to all your needs.

9. See Online Reviews

According to statistics, 93% of people base their decision to purchase products/services on online reviews.

Today, a company’s digital footprint is more valuable than its brick-and-mortar presence. The better the online reviews, the more trustworthy they are. Look for companies that have good online reviews. Reviews generally are a reflection of how the company operates and it’s true in most cases.

Similarly, when you buy HVAC systems online or from anywhere, it is essential to make sure your heating and cooling systems are checked periodically and that the contractors explain the benefits of HVAC maintenance. Not just that, they should also go as far as scheduling the next check-up right after installation and then following up on the scheduled time. This shows their commitment and consideration towards the customers.

Hope these 6 tips for choosing the best HVAC contractors were helpful. However, we do understand that finding a reliable HVAC company for your facility in such a saturated market can be daunting at times. To make the best decision, you may require the services of expert HVAC suppliers and technicians like ProServicesSupply.

At ProServicesSupply, we leverage our years of industry experience to facilitate each client's individual needs and challenges. We house a proficient team of HVAC professionals with a track record of providing best-in-class services to businesses from different industry verticals.

So if your business needs personalized HVAC solutions, contact us at (877) 776 - 8228 to set up an appointment.

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Jaxson Leonardo
Aug 04, 2022 01:56
Definitely! If you own a facility, you should always look for a contractor that offers everything under one hood. As a maintenance manager, I can't imagine myself running after different companies to source HVAC supplies - that's just a mess!

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