Over the years, the trend of living in larger houses is fading away, and Americans are now renting out smaller homes and apartment complexes. With the increasing incline of tenants towards vertical living, landlords and rental property owners are now willing to provide more amenities than ever before.

Among other things, microwave ovens are the absolute must-haves that tenants look for in the unit. A key reason for this is the convenience that they offer. Some apartments offer over-the-counter microwaves, while others have above-the-range mounted microwaves. However, since the microwave industry is extensively saturated, figuring out the best unit is challenging. Many landlords and rental property owners reach out to us to discuss how to choose the best Microwave for their rental space. To cater to this issue, here is a complete guide to help you make the right investment. Let's dive in!

1 - Get the Right Wattage And Power For Your Microwave Unit

There are several types of microwave ovens available in the market today. They all come with different wattage and power, depending on their intended purpose. When selecting a microwave oven for your facility's kitchen, you must choose the one that suits your needs.

2 - Pick a User-Friendly Design

If a microwave is hard to use, it might result in dissatisfied tenants. Opt for a microwave that lets you easily configure different tasks and settings. Before investing in a certain model, ask yourself:

  • Is the oven easy for people to use?
  • Can it switch quickly between settings and tasks?
  • Is the Microwave quick to clean?

The point of investing in a microwave oven for your rental facility is to save your tenants' time and add convenience & value to their lives. Therefore, you need one with an easy-to-use design.

3 - Consider Microwave Size and Capacity

Microwaves come in several different sizes. You'll need to choose the one that suits your kitchen's layout, your budget, and the day-to-day cooking routine of your tenants. Analyze your kitchen's worktop area. Do you have a dedicated space for a Microwave, or is it crowded with other commercial kitchen equipment? If this is the case, you would want to opt for a smaller countertop model. Although these models have lower capacities but can be easily stored on most counters. To make an informed decision, take measurements and compare them to the oven's specifications to ensure you can fit them in your kitchen.

4 - Reliability

Regardless of how good or durable a microwave is, it is likely to have a shelf life of somewhere around 10-12 years. This is why it is important to find a microwave that can last for as long as possible. Before you make a purchase, read any reviews you can find of the model you’re considering.

5 - Price

Another important consideration is the price when buying any appliance. As a landlord or a rental property owner, you have a limited budget and you want to carefully allocate it among all the appliances needed for the space. The price ranges for microwaves vary considerably, majorly depending on the type of microwave. The most affordable is the countertop category. However, if your kitchen design makes an over-the-range or a built-in microwave a more practical choice, the extra investment will be well worth it.

6 - Pre-programmed Settings

This is subjective. Some find pre-programmed settings very valuable, while others never think to use them even if they are there. But as a property owner, since you wouldn't be using the unit yourself, it is always a good idea to get a microwave that has a variety of pre-programmed settings for your tenants.

7 - Noise

Some microwaves are louder than others and this can take a toll on your tenants comfort. If you're considering buying a microwave, try to avoid models that have high decibel ratings.

8 - Ventilation

If you are considering investing in an over-the-range microwave, make sure the model you are choosing offers good ventilation. This is because these models are placed where generally a ventilation hood is installed.

Popular Microwave Brand

After extensive research, we have concluded that if you're looking for a microwave oven, Frigidaire would be your best bet! The company offers units that have all-round performance, cook evenly, and offer plenty of pre-programmed settings and power levels. Their microwave units are simple, hassle-free, reliable, and affordable. Frigidaire has some solid reviews among users for their microwave units.

Our Pick

If you're looking for a sleek, versatile, and reliable microwave oven?
Then the Frigidaire FFMV1846VS is the one for you. This Over-the-Range Microwave offers hits the sweet spot because of its reasonable & affordable price, high performance, and exciting features.

Product Features

  • Doubles as a convertible hood because of its Built-in 2-Speed 105/220 CFM ventilating system
  • Program power levels and cooking times in advance with the Multi-Stage Cooking option
  • Make meal preparation and cooking simple with LED lighting that offers a clear, bright view of your cooktop
  • Easy-to-use one-touch buttons
  • LED interior microwave light stays on while your dish cooks

It has an extra-large 1.8 cu. ft. and sleek Stainless Steel body. This oven is stacked with lots of features such as Auto-Reheat, One-Touch options. In addition, the Fits-More capacity allows it to hold almost any dish.

Order Frigidaire Over-the-Range Microwave Online

Hopefully, now you are in a much better position to decide microwave unit would be a good fit for your facility. If you've decided to take our suggestion, you can shop from our online appliance store. We have an extensive range of microwave units with the best prices available in the market today. We deliver all across the US and offer installation services too.

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