With so many Frigidaire electric ranges on the market, choosing the right electric stove for your kitchen can get tricky. There are hundreds of models with a price range between $500 to $1500. Choosing the best Frigidaire electric range isn’t always about the best deal. Finding the perfect electric range considering the needs of your facility, the size of your kitchen, as well as cooking needs is where comes the real challenge.

To help you make the right choice, we have rounded up a selection of the top 4 Frigidaire electric ranges fit for both commercial and residential needs.

1. Frigidaire 30 in. Stainless Steel Electric Range With Smooth Cooktop And 5.3 Cu. ft. Self Clean Oven

This Frigidaire range is one of the best electronic range options for those seeking something innovative and up-to-date. It has a shiny black cooktop with five burner elements including one expandable (6-inch - 9-inch) element. The 9-inch element can produce up to 3000 watts, enough to cook any type of food in a reasonable amount of time. The rear burners for cooking or simmering delicate food like butter, cheese, and chocolates.

The oven comes with 2 racks adjustable in 6 different positions to suit multiple cooking needs. Also, the oven has a capacity of 5.7 cubic feet so you can cook many large dishes simultaneously. Moreover, it comes with a self-clean cycle for cleaning and maintenance. Thankfully, this model has an automatic door lock feature, a great safety measure for those with kids or pets at home.

Product Specifications & Features

  • Dimensions: 29.40’ D, 47.75’ H, 29.75’ W
  • Color: Stainless steel
  • High/low broil options (400°F - 500°F)
  • Ready-select control knobs
  • Hot surface indicator lights
  • Drawer at the bottom

2. Frigidaire 30 in. Black Electric Range With Coil Burners And 5.3 Cu. ft. Capacity Oven

If you are looking for a classy black Frigidaire electric range at an affordable rate, we recommend you Frigidaire 30 in. Black Electronic Range. This elegant model will give you a kitchen with a built-in fancy look. It comes with 4 coil elements that have quick preheat so you can cook your food in the minimum time. With a 5.3 Cu. ft capacity, this oven enables you to cook multiple dishes at the same time.

This Frigidaire electric range comes with Even Baking Technology that enables you to bake evenly. Whether you want to bake a cake or a batch of cookies, this oven is well-equipped to perform a seamless job. The only drawback of this Frigidaire electric range is that it doesn’t come with a self-clean cycle. However, the smooth cooktop allows you to clean all the spills and grease easily.

Product Specifications & Features

  • Dimensions: 29.52’ D, 50.04’ H, 31.8’ W
  • Color: Black
  • Electronic Kitch times
  • 4 burner elements
  • Heat surface indicator

3. Frigidaire 30 in. White Electric Range With Coil Burners And 5.3 Cu. ft. Self Clean Oven

If you’re a budget shopper looking for a stove that provides all the basic functions at a reasonable price, we recommend you Frigidaire 30 in. White Electric Range. From size to features and functions, it has everything that a cook looks for in a stove. It comes with 4 burners that provide impressive heating so you can cook meals fast.

The 5.3 Cu.ft oven is big enough to cook a large turkey or multiple dishes at the same time. Moreover, its auto shut-off feature provides an extra safety measure. It shuts off automatically after 12 hours which is great for people who often forget to turn off ovens. Also, it has a color-coordinated oven with a large window so you can check the status of your dishes from the outside. The one-touch self-clean feature clears all the spills inside the oven from time to time.

Product Specifications & Features

  • Dimensions: 29.52’ D, 50.04’ H, 30.8’ W
  • Color: White
  • Electronic kitchen timer
  • Automatic door lock
  • Even baking technology

4. Frigidaire 30 in. Stainless Steel Electric Range With Coil Burners And 5.3 Cu. ft. Self Clean Oven

The Frigidaire Stainless Steel FFEF3016VS Range features 4 coil burners that produce enough heat to cook all types of meals in a short time. Another highlight of this Frigidaire electric range is the 5.3 Cu.ft oven capacity. It also comes with features for light touch-ups and a self-cleaning cycle. It is an excellent option for those who don’t like any spills or mess inside their oven but don’t have time to clean it every day.

Moreover, it also comes with a large window that helps you check how your meatloaf and banana bread are progressing. The auto door lock feature is ideal for those customers who have kids at home. Overall, it’s a good entry from Frigidaire that provides all the basic functions at reasonable prices.

Product Specifications & Features

  • Dimensions: 29.52’ D, 50.04’ H, 30.8’ W
  • Color: Stainless steel
  • Color-Coordinated Oven Door
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Even baking technology

How We Tested Frigidaire Electric Ranges

Our experts listed these 4 Frigidaire electric ranges after in-depth research and a detailed testing process. We have reviewed these ranges based on their features, style, convenience, and budget. Additionally, we also looked at the size, design, and how practical and user-friendly they are to use. You can check all the models and choose one that best suits your facility's needs and budget ranges.

Where to Buy the Best Frigidaire Electric Range?

An electric range is an essential part of the kitchen and you must buy it from a reliable partner. Proservices Supply provides the best Frigidaire electric ranges to customers all over the USA. We not only provide the best quality frigidaire electric ranges but also installation and maintenance services. You can choose from the models we have reviewed or you can also check out our online store to find more.

Got a question? Feel free to contact us at (877) 776-8228 or contact us on our website. Our HVAC experts will answer all your queries.

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