According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the average shower lasts 8 minutes which can add up to about an hour every week! One of the major reasons for this is the fact that bathrooms have evolved in a place of rejuvenation and offer momentary solitude to calm the mind. Some use them to contemplate life, belt out some tunes or get ready for a big night out. Therefore, choosing the right bathroom showerheads for your commercial facility's bathrooms is crucial as they can greatly influence the customer experience and satisfaction.

Not sure how to find the best shower heads for your bathrooms? Read on to learn all about different types of showers heads and their pros and cons so that you can decide which one could be the best match for your space!

1 - Wall-Mounted

Among all the types available in the market today, the most common one found across the United States would have to be wall-mounted. As the name suggests, these shower heads are mounted to the bathroom wall. These showerheads are comparatively affordable, have fewer moving parts, and are easy to install & maintain. However, some wall-mounted showerheads do come with adjustable spray patterns that ensure a tailored experience. Similarly, some also come with an adjustable arm. These heads are a good choice for facilities that accommodate people with a range of heights.

Pros: Cost-effective, low maintenance, adjustable water spray, and height.
Cons: Few styles available.

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2 - Rain

We all love rain, don't we? Install rain showerheads to recreate the same amazing experience!

There are several types of showerheads in this category, but two broad categories would be - ceiling mounted and wall-mounted. If your goal is to offer a spa-like experience in your bathrooms that feels both deeply refreshing and perfectly natural, consider investing in a ceiling-mounted showerhead. However, it requires pipework to be run in your ceiling, making installation a little expensive.

Pros: Stylish appearance, relaxing shower experience.
Cons: High installation cost, lower water pressure, comparatively expensive, and minimal adjustability & spray settings.

3 - Handheld

Handheld showerheads are extremely versatile and beneficial because sometimes you just need a little more from your showerhead, like giving the kids a bath.

In fact, if you have elderly/disabled people visiting at your facility, having a handheld showerhead can make their life so much easier. However, these heads are very prone to leaks because of their flexible hose and additional connections.

These heads are available for different price ranges in the market, depending on their type and spray patterns.

Pros: Affordable, makes showering the kids/pets easier, makes showering easier for the elderly/disabled.
Cons: Prone to leaks.

4 - Dual

Not sure whether to install rain shower heads for their wonderful experience or handheld showerheads for their functionality and extreme versatility? Dual shower heads are exactly what you need to invest in!

These showerheads are a combination of rain and handheld types. Therefore, enjoying a gentle and relaxing shower with a rain showerhead and having a high pressure, massaging shower with different spray patterns with a handheld showerhead is no more a problem for your customers.

However, dual showerheads are comparatively expensive and take up more space.

Pros: Two types of showerheads in one unit.
Cons: More costly, takes up more space than other types.

5 - High Pressure

To offer a shower experience that delivers high levels of water pressure and more options for spray patterns, high-pressure showerheads would be a great addition to your showering space. These heads are also good for massage types as they provide a steady stream of pressurized water that can help with knots. However, these heads can lead to an increased water and electricity bill.

Pros: Massages your body while you shower.
Cons: Increases water bill, wears out faster than other types.

6 - Low-Flow

Whether you are trying to cut down on your facility's water bill or find wasting water ethically wrong, low-flow showerheads are the way to go.

These showerheads are water-efficient as they use considerably less water than traditional ones without compromising the water pressure.

Installing these heads would do both - save the environment and your money. However, the entire showering experience wouldn't be as satisfying as with other options available in the market. Moreover, the upfront cost is comparatively higher too.

Pros: Reduces your water bill and household water usage, available in a range of different styles.
Cons: More costly upfront, lower pressure water.

7 - Panel

If you're all in for offering high-end master bathroom experience, you need panel shower heads. These are big showerheads that come with multiple shower heads and body sprayers. They are also equipped with features like temperature control, spray pattern settings, and LED lighting. However, they come with a hefty price tag and require a professional to install them.

Pros: Stylish appearance, highly customizable shower settings, comes with two different showerheads.
Cons: High upfront cost, requires professional installation, and two holes to be drilled in your bathroom wall.

Choosing The Best Shower Head

After going through all the options available, along with their pros and cons, we hope you are in a better position to choose the best shower head that meets your functional and esthetic needs. You can also discuss your remodeling ideas with our renovation experts at ProServices Supply by reaching us at (877) 776-8228. They will walk you through different options available that could be good for your facility.

If you are looking to buy bathroom supplies for your commercial facility or to hire a renovation team for remodeling jobs, contact ProServices Supply today. We house an extensive range of commercial and residential bathroom supplies from both luxury and affordable brands.

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