Under-cabinet range hoods fit neatly underneath an existing cabinet over the stove to remove smoke, heat, and grease from the air and are a huge asset for home cooks. They pull in the air above the stove, clean, and then discharge it during or after cooking. Some models also come with additional features such as lights and timers. So whether you're planning a full-on kitchen renovation or simply upgrading the stove, investing in an under-cabinet range hood can make preparing meals much more enjoyable.

Choosing a quality range hood can be daunting if you are unsure what factors to consider. To help you with your decision, here is a complete guide highlighting all the important factors you must consider to buy the best under-cabinet range hood.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Over time under-cabinet range hoods have improved and those rattling, noisy units are a thing from the past. Under-cabinet range hoods are now more powerful, stylish, and full of features. If you're in the marketing and looking to buy a new under-cabinet range hood for your kitchen, here is some important information on size, speed, and airflow to help you make a better purchase.


The right size for your under-cabinet range hood is important to ensure that it works well and looks right in the kitchen. Normally, under-cabinet range hoods come in standard sizes that generally match both range and cabinet widths. However, some compact models are also available that measure 20 to 24 inches wide for apartments. To buy the perfect size for your under-cabinet range hood, measure the size of your stove and the cabinet above it.

Airflow and Fan Speeds

The airflow you need for your under-cabinet range hood would depend on your cooking style. For example, cooking large or greasy meals may require more airflow than smaller, lighter fare. The amount of airflow a range hood can pull in, clean, and discharge is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm). So for cooking large meals or very greasy foods, go with a range hood that produces at least 500 cfm.

Vent Type

Under-cabinet range hoods come with three types of vents: ducted, ductless, or convertible. Both ductless and ducted have pros and cons, while convertible hoods bridge the gap between them. Ductless range hoods don’t offer an exhaust vent which means that they recirculate the air within the kitchen. This allows the hood to be installed on any wall in almost any configuration. On the other hand, as the name suggests, ducted range hoods push the hot and greasy air directly outside, but they require installation on an exterior wall and a clear passage for ductwork through the wall framing. Convertible hoods offer you the most convenience and flexibility. They can be operated as both ducted or ductless models

Additional Feature

Some models also come with additional features to make them more useful and convenient. These features include:

  • Built-in lights: They are extremely helpful, especially for times the back burners are in use.
  • An exhaust timer: This automatically shuts the fan off after 10 minutes.
  • Remote fans: They reduce noise as they are installed farther down the ductwork

Our Top Picks

1 - Frigidaire 30" Overhead White Convertible Exhaust Range Hood (FHWC3025MW)

If you're looking for a high-quality under-cabinet range hood that looks as good as it cleans the air, you need to check out this model from Frigidaire. This under-cabinet range hood comes in a 30-inch size. It also has a powerful fan motor that exchanges up to 220 cfm of air, with two-speed settings to control airflow. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable-speed system. This Frigidaire range hood is an ideal choice for many.

2 - Frigidaire 30" Overhead Black Convertible Exhaust Range Hood (FHWC3025MB)

If you are a home chef who likes to experiment with different cuisines or cook large meals, you may want to consider this Frigidaire Under-Cabinet Range Hood. This model offers up to 220 cfm of airflow to quickly and efficiently clean grease and smoke from the air. In addition, it has two speeds, allowing you to find a happy medium between fan noise and airflow.

3 - Frigidaire 30" Overhead Stainless Steel Convertible Exhaust Range Hood (FHWC3025MS)

This model easily installs under 30-inch cabinets and utilizes basic rocker-type switches for the fan and light. This range hood is designed for simple installation. The stainless steel finish makes this an ideal choice for any kitchen.

4 - Frigidaire 36" Overhead Stainless Steel Ductless Range Hood (FHWC3625MS)

When it comes to balancing good looks with great capabilities, the Frigidaire Range Hoods might be a purchase worth pursuing. Its sleek low profile lends great style to almost any cabinet. This stainless steel range hood comes in 36 inches.

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