Facial Tissue

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Facial Tissue

Hospitality is really in the details. Show your employees or customers you care about their comfort and hygiene by going the extra mile and offering soft, absorbent facial tissues. Plus, it's guaranteed that they'll appreciate this added luxury and concern for their well-being.

How to Choose The Right Facial Tissue For Your Facility?

Comparing Ply Numbers

One of the key features of facial tissues is their ply. A ply is a layer of material. Generally, a larger ply number indicates a thicker tissue that is softer and less likely to tear during use. Most facial tissues are two-ply, meaning that they are made from two layers of material. A small number of tissues are three-ply. The product names, images, and descriptions will tell you what ply each facial tissue is.

Considering Package Shape and Size

Standard facial tissue boxes come in flat and boutique/cube boxes. A cube box takes up less space on a desk, vanity, or other surfaces, while a flat box usually has a larger opening that allows you to retrieve a single tissue more easily. If you use a tissue box cover or holder, you'll want to ensure that the product you choose is the right shape and size to fit inside.

Tissue Quantity

Another key consideration is tissue quantity. The number of tissues per box varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and product to product. You can check out the price per sheet to compare the cost of the available options. The bulk packs are ideal from Building Service Contractors who maintain various rooms.

Shop Facial Tissue In Bulk At ProServices Supply

So whatever type of environment you work in, ProServices Supply can provide you with the right product for your space and help you stay stocked up. We stock a diverse assortment of facial tissues from some of the top brands like Gen, Marcal Pro, Tork, Surpass, Kleenex, Pacific Blue Basic, and Angel Soft and offer delivery all across the US.