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Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners

Packaged terminal air conditioners, also known as PTACs, are commercial-grade air conditioners installed directly through walls. These units are usually seen in hotels, motels, hospitals, etc.

These powerful units are known for providing and maintaining the constant indoor comfort level in facilities. At ProServices Supply, we have an extensive range of Amana PTAC units and Perfect Aire PTAC units.

Why Should You Consider Buying A PTAC For Your Facility?

PTAC units are an excellent choice for heating or cooling single rooms in commercial facilities for the following reasons:

  • PTAC Units Do No Require Ductwork
    Installing PTACs is much simpler than other systems as they are entirely ductless, significantly reducing upfront costs.
  • Allow Individual Customization
    Another reason for PTACs' massive popularity in the hospitality industry is that they allow individual customization in terms of indoor temperature. Each user can set his/her room temperature.
  • They Are Easy To Maintain
    PTAC units are easy to maintain as they usually just require occasional cleaning. Also, since their filters are removable, cleaning them is easier.
  • They Are Energy Efficient
    PTAC units have higher energy efficiency ratings making them a comparatively cost-efficient option. Also, since you can use them for individual rooms, they tend to be less expensive, unlike central air conditioning systems.
  • Provide Both Heating & Cooling
    Most PTACs come with both heating and cooling options, ensuring a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. This also kills the need to invest in a separate heater.

Choosing The Right PTAC Size Is Important

If you've decided to go with a PTAC for your facility, choosing the right size of the unit is a very important decision. Here are a few factors that you should be considering:

Room Size

Generally, PTAC units are available in (but not limited to) 4 size classes and can be used for the following room sizes:

7,000 BTU - (For 200-300 sq ft)
9,000 BTU - (For 300-400 sq ft)
12,000 BTU - (For 400-550 sq ft)
15,000 BTU - (For 500-675 sq ft)

Why does this matter? Simply because if:

  • If the PTAC unit has a low BTU capacity and is too small for a room, it would fail to provide adequate cooling and would run almost continuously to maintain the desired temperature. This would result in increased electricity bills.
  • If the PTAC unit has a high BTU capacity and is too large for a room, it would instantly cool the room. However, this would force the unit to cycle on and off too frequently. This is a significant reason why some PTAC units live shorter, facilities have high electricity bills, and damp rooms.

Furthermore, apart from the room size, other factors such as ceiling height, insulation, number of people who share the room, and outside weather should be considered before choosing a PTAC unit.

What Do Our HVAC Experts Suggest?

  • Reduce BTU capacity by 10 percent for a heavily shaded room.
  • Increase BTU capacity by 10 percent for very sunny rooms.
  • Add 600 BTUs for each additional person sharing the space.
  • Consider increasing BTU capacity by 4,000 BTUs if choosing a PTAC unit for a kitchen.
  • Increase BTU capacity by 10 percent if the room is at an upper-story.

Still Not Sure Which PTAC Unit You Should Buy?

Feel free to contact our HVAC experts at (877) 776-8228 to seek help for finding the right size for your new PTAC unit. Our experts will analyze all the factors and help you determine the BTUs required for your space.