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Electric Heaters

Say no to cold feet and frozen fingers during long and chilly winters with Perfect Aire space heaters to give you the warmth and comfort you long for.

Space heaters use different technologies (radiations and convection) to effectively provide heat to warm up closed rooms. Radiant heaters heat nearby objects. Meanwhile, convection heaters only heat the surrounding air. Both are perfect for warming up a bedroom or an office room. At ProServices Supply, we have an extensive range of Perfect Aire Electric Heaters.

Reasons To Invest In An Electrical Heater

Safe and Reliable

With no burning materials, electric heating is the safest possible heating solution. Also, since there are no moving parts, there is less chance of the system breaking down, so the heating system will last longer.

Affordable and Efficient

Unlike gas and oil heating, electric heating is currently the cheapest option for heating. Electric heaters are independently wired from room to room, which can help you save energy by only heating the room where you need it.

Environmentally Friendly

With electric heaters, no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Since no fuel is required for electric heat, it preserves natural resources.

What to Look for When Buying a Space Heater

If you are looking to buy a new space heater for your room, consider the following features and aspects when purchasing one:

Safety Features

Before anything else comes the safety! Always check for safety features before investing in a new space heater. Safety features such as Overheat Protection, Tip-Over Protection, and Cool-Touch Housing.

Type of Heater

Consider the mechanism of the heater and the power source. While electric heaters are easier to maintain but are costly to run, combustion space heaters are cheaper to operate but need regular refilling.


Consider the size of your room to determine the right size of the heater, as every heater can support a certain number of square feet. Heaters that come with higher wattage provide more heat.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re part of the go green gang, choose electric heaters with an energy star rating. Unlike combustion heaters, they are generally more efficient and eco-friendly, which release harmful gasses.

Buy Electric Heaters

Stay comfortable with a powerful electric heater. Warm up your room, office, apartment, or warehouse with multi-purpose systems designed to last season after season. Browse our selection of Perfect Aire Electric Heaters designed to fit your lifestyle. You can also call us at (877) 776-8228 to speak with one of our HVAC experts and discuss which unit would be best for you.