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An evaporator coil is one of the most important parts of any air conditioner or heat pump that absorbs the heat from the indoor air. It is located inside the blower compartment or air handler and holds the chilled refrigerant that the compressor moves into it. At ProServices Supply, we have an extensive range of Goodman Coils.

How Does An Evaporator Coil Work?

When the hot indoor air is sucked in through the blower fan and moved over the coil, the cold refrigerant removes the heat. Then the refrigerant becomes warmer and travels to the condenser coil outdoors. On the other hand, in winters, when a heat pump is used for heating purposes, the process reverses, and rather than absorbing heat and taking it outdoors, the evaporator coil expels heat from the refrigerant into your facility.

Types Of Evaporator Coils

Vertical Evaporator Coil

Vertical Air Conditioners use vertical evaporator coils. They use an upflow/downflow as the air in the unit flows either up or down while it passes through the coil. Vertical coils take preprocessed air and condense the heat from this air into water. After the condensation process, the coil directs the water to a drain, which thus lowers the overall humidity of the dwelling.

Cased Evaporator Coil

Cased coils are normally covered by a metal casing and are horizontally positioned. They are one of the most commonly used coils in an air conditioning system and serve a near-identical function to vertical coils, with their main difference being shape and size. Depending on the configuration of the air conditioning unit, either a vertical or cased evaporator coil may fit better for installation purposes.

Uncased Evaporator Coil

As the name suggests, uncased evaporator coils have no outer casing covering the coils and can be placed in either horizontal or vertical positions. They are easily customizable and good for unique air conditioners that may require technicians to reconfigure the coil shape to fit the device as they do not have any coverage.

Why Is A Clean Evaporator Coil Important?

A clean and well-maintained evaporator coil is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of your system. If your coils are dirty, it might increase the energy use of your Air Conditioner unit by up to 30 percent. 

Other issues such as poor cooling performance due to reduced heat transfer, frozen coils, and an overheating compressor can also be caused due to poorly maintained coils.

Not Sure Which Evaporator Coil You Should Buy?

Feel free to contact our HVAC experts at (877) 776-8228 to seek help in finding the right type of evaporator coil for your Air Conditioning unit. Our experts will analyze all the factors and help you determine which coil you would require for your unit.