Through-the-Wall Units

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Through-the-Wall Units

Just like Window ACs, Through-the-wall air conditioners are self-contained cooling units. The main difference between them is that while Window ACs are designed to sit inside a window frame, Through-the-wall ACs are intended to sit in an opening made in a building’s wall.

These units provide maximum efficiency when properly installed as they create an airtight seal. At ProServices Supply, we have an extensive range of Through-the-wall AC units.

Why Should You Consider Buying A Through-the-Wall AC For Your Facility?

Mainly designed to provide cooling in a single room, through-the-wall air conditioners are compact, non-ducted, and relatively small. Here are some of the reasons why they could be a great fit for your facility:

Doesn't Take Up Too Much Space

Since Through-the-Wall AC units are designed to fit inside a wall, they don't take up any square footage in a facility. For facilities that have small rooms or space, these units are an ideal pick.

Doesn't Block Window View

While Window AC units are a fine option for cooling a room, they require sacrificing a window and the view that comes with it and the aesthetics of them. On the other hand, through-the-wall air conditioner units function similarly to Window ACs, but they fit into the wall, preserving the view and aesthetics of the room's windows.

Offer Heating Function

Depending on the model, a through-the-wall air conditioner offers a heat mode through a small built-in heating element. This dual-function makes them an excellent investment for year-round use. However, the heating function is just meant to supplement a furnace. These units are not meant to serve as a primary source of heat.

Additional Features

Through-the-Wall air conditioners are relatively inexpensive, yet they come equipped with many features such as:

  • Air Purification
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Dehumidification Mode
  • Fan-Only Mode
  • Quiet Operation Setting
  • Programmable Timer

Low Cost

Through-the-Wall units are fairly inexpensive. Depending on the BTU capacity and the features, you can buy Perfect Aire Through-the-Wall Units for as low as $185.

Choosing The Right Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner Size For Your Room

Through-the-Wall air conditioner's cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The higher the BTUs, the larger space it can cool.

Choosing the right size of the unit for your facility's room can significantly impact the indoor temperature and energy bills. While a too-small unit can leave you with an uncomfortable indoor temperature and higher energy bills, excessively larger units will cool the room too quickly without removing excess humidity. To avoid either of these scenarios, here is a sizing chart for choosing the right size of your through-the-wall AC.

  • 5,000-6,000 BTU - (For 100-250 sq ft)
  • 7,000-8,000 BTU - (For 250-350 sq ft)
  • 9,000-10,000 BTU - (For 350-450 sq ft)
  • 12,000-14,000 BTU - (For 450-700 sq ft)
  • 18,000-21,000 BTU - (For 700-1,200 sq ft)

The proper through-the-wall air conditioner sizing guide considers several factors, including room size, ceiling height, amount of sunlight, and the number of occupants, to determine the correct number of BTUs required.

Still Not Sure Which Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner You Should Buy?

Speak to one of our HVAC experts at (877) 776-8228 and seek help. Professional HVAC technicians at ProServices Supply will help you find the right size for your new Through-the-Wall Air Conditioning unit.