Window A/C Units

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Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are simple, single-unit ACs mounted or installed in a window and plugged into traditional electrical outlets. These units are usually seen in apartments, dorm rooms, bedrooms, offices & small businesses.

They are convenient, efficient, and affordable cooling solutions for most small to mid-sized rooms. At ProServices Supply, we have an extensive range of Perfect Aire Window AC units.

Why Should You Consider Buying A Window AC For Your Facility?

Window AC units are an excellent choice for heating or cooling single rooms in residential and commercial facilities for the following reasons:

Low Cost

Window air conditioners are fairly inexpensive and offer affordable operational costs. Depending on the BTU capacity and the features, you can buy Perfect Aire Window AC units for as low as $185.


Despite the fact that Window ACs are comparatively inexpensive than other types of air conditioners, they come equipped with many features such as:

  1. Thermostat: Allows to control the cooling output.
  2. Adjustable Fan Speed: Allows to adjust the fan speed.
  3. Remote: Allows to operate the unit without using the controls mounted on the front of the AC.
  4. Programmable Timer: Allows to set a delayed start or stop time.
  5. Air Direction Control: Adjustable louvers are provided to manipulate the direction of the air that is blown from the unit.
  6. Energy Star Rating: Some units come with an Energy Star rating, offering 15% more efficient results.

Easy to Install

The process to install Window air conditioners is easy and straightforward.

Doesn’t Take Up Floor Space

Since Window AC units are designed to fit inside a window, they don’t take up any square footage in a facility. For facility owners with small space available, this can be very beneficial.

Multi-Functional For Year-Round Use

Depending on the model, a window air conditioner would do more than just provide cool air since many units provide both heating and cooling. This dual-function makes them a great investment for year-round use. Some units also offer air purification options, making them ideal for maintaining indoor air quality.

Choosing The Right Window Air Conditioner Size For Your Room

To ensure comfortable indoor temperature and lower energy bills, choosing the right size of Window air conditioner matters. If a unit is too small, it will struggle to keep a room at a comfortable temperature. In contrast, an oversized model will cool a room too quickly without removing enough humidity from the air.

Generally, Window AC units have (but not limited to) a cooling capacity ranging from 5,000 to 12,500 BTU. They can be used for the following room sizes:

  • 5,000-6,500 BTU - (For 100-300 sq ft)
  • 7,000-8,500 BTU - (For 250-400 sq ft)
  • 9,800-12,500 BTU - (For 350-650 sq ft)

As a rule of thumb, an air conditioner needs 20 Btu for each square foot of the space. However, there are other variables in the equation, such as ceiling height, window size, and doorway size.

What Do Our HVAC Experts Suggest?

  • Reduce BTU capacity by 10 percent for a heavily shaded room.
  • Increase BTU capacity by 10 percent for very sunny rooms.
  • Add 600 BTUs for each additional person sharing the space.
  • Consider increasing BTU capacity by 4,000 BTUs if choosing a Window AC unit for a kitchen.
  • Increase BTU capacity by 10 percent if the room is at an upper-story.

Still Not Sure Which Window Air Conditioner You Should Buy?

Speak to one of our HVAC experts at (877) 776-8228 and seek help. Professional HVAC technicians at ProServices Supply will help you find the right size for your new Window Air Conditioning unit.